3 Reasons Your Candles Look Wet

Why Does My Candle Look Wet?

The wet spots that you see are not really wet spots, here are 3 notable reasons why your candles look wet:
  • As wax cools within a jar, shrinkage and air bubbles occur. Part of the wax has pulled from the glassware and sticks to the container.
  • This primarily happens with candles that use any natural wax, such as soy.
  • Natural waxes are sensitive and when exposed to fluctuating changes in temperature, its natural oil in combination with the essential or fragrance oil causes a candle to sweat.

Here's the good news:

  • All these things are common in candles, YES! including the well known brands, and it does not have any affect on the burnability of your candle. 
  • If the top sweating bothers you, lightly dab any excess with a tissue, light your candle and ENJOY!

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