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Be You Candles, is the candle brand for candle-lovers, we have a candle for every possible mood and experience. Why? Because we believe that every moment is worth celebrating and can serve as a reminder to Be You by honoring your spirit and being your authentic, beautiful self. Our vibrant handmade selection of candles brings an energy that lightens and brightens all spaces, and our hope is whether you’re a lover of candles today or just starting your candle journey that you’ll fall in love with them the way we have after going on this journey with us.

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What Inspired Be You Candles?

Be You Candles Owner Shemeka Wright
Shemeka Wright, Owner

Be You Candles, came about when candle-lover Shemeka Wright made her love of candles official. For as long as she can remember, she’s always treated herself to a candle during grocery runs. And one evening when she was sitting on her balcony with a glass of wine, she lit a candle and became curious about whether she could make her own candles, which prompted her to try it.

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She started out making candles for herself, then making and shipping them to family and friends. She remixed her kitchen, turning half of it into her candle lab to test different colors, wicks, jars and fragrances while seeking to create something truly vibrant and reflective of her energetic personality. Before she knew it, Shemeka had her special recipe and had totally fallen in love with candle-making in the process.

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She started receiving requests to buy her candles, which was just confirmation of what she already knew, that she could make great candles that people enjoy!

She quickly realized that she had found her thing. A craft that allows her to stay true to who she is, while blending seamlessly with her personality and career. A form of service that allows a connection with people, and for her to share a piece of herself in hopes of inspiring others to just Be You.

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