🍌 🥜 🧇 Did Someone Say Banana Nut Waffles? Available As A Candle or Wax Melt!
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      I'm Shemeka Wright, a driven spirit, mother, actress, and energizer bunny. I love to exercise and engage in life's activities that allow me to grow. I meditate regularly, speak words of affirmation, daily, live in an authentic mind space and will dance and sing like nobody's watching. Don't believe me..check out my TikTok 😉 @shemeka_wright.


      I've tried many business ventures prior to getting here, I've had some wins and also some losses, either way, a lesson was learned and I gained knowledge.

      One thing I am not is a quitter, I will dust myself off, and try again! (Aaliyah)

      Wright Positive, LLC started off as a motivational blog, on all social media outlets in October 2017; it has since evolved to producing a short film that I wrote, directed and produced on Amazon Prime called More Than One.

      At the same time, I was running a clothing resell business on several platforms as ConfidentByWp. As with many other small businesses, I've taken a huge hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, so a change in course was necessary.
      For the remaining clothing inventory previously on www.confidentbywp.com , it will be sold via Poshmark and Mercari until all inventory is gone and in the meantime, I must keep moving forward. (Walt Disney)
      Here enters, Be You Candles by Wright Positive. During quarantine, I was constantly thinking of ways to reinvent myself then it dawned on me that as part of my weekly grocery list, a scented candle or two was always added. This got me to thinking....hmmm..I wonder if I can start making my own candles? I did the research, started experimenting and Voila!
      Be You Candles feels very different from any other business venture that I have taken on because I am personally making a product for you and that feels really good to me. My goal for you is that with every candle you receive, that you feel my positive energy flowing to you and wishing you well!
      Our customer is a foodie that loves vibrant colors and sweets scents. We cater to the customer being wow'd by the fragrance of our products in first contact.
      I look forward to serving you as our customer.

      Love Note From Us

      We are all imperfectly perfect, that's the beauty of Being You and our homemade candles are no different. Wax does not always bond the same way twice and while we strive to make each product exactly the same, please note that dyes, oils, decorations and temperatures can alter the density and look of a candle. We give each candle time, attention and care for you and we humbly ask that if you happen to see any imperfections that you embrace the beauty of it because we made it, with our hands, with you in mind ❣, you are appreciated!