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      Be You Candles is an American manufacturer of handmade scented candles and wax melts, is a subsidiary of Wright Positive, LLC and headquartered in Brea, California. The company operates online via direct website and Amazon.

      Be You Candles was started in Brea, California when Shemeka Wright, originally from New Haven, Connecticut, created her first scented candle, Summer 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Family & Friends expressed interest in buying her creations, and Wright started an e-Commerce Shopify store to began producing and servicing customers in larger quantities. Within six months of production, Wright branched out to offer wax melts and decorative dessert style candles, which have affectionately been named "Don't Eat The Damn Candles".

      Wright had already had an LLC established, Wright Positive, which started as a motivational online blog, it quickly advanced to have affiliates including writing and producing films as Wright is an actress, first, and drop shipping of woman’s clothing, under the name Confident By Wright Positive.

      Wright decided to dismantle the drop shipping and circle back to its initial mission which was to motivate individuals to be themselves and practice self-love as a lifestyle, not a trend,  hence the name Be You Candles where therapeutic, seasonal, and sweet scents are offered.

      Candle production grew considerably after Wright started creating content on TikTok, Facebook & Instagram advertising the handmade creations and receiving rave reviews for promptness of shipping, fragrance and design. One year later, Be You Candles is now an official store on Amazon Prime and accessible to shoppers, nationally.