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Be You Candles Trimmer Set

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Be You Candles Trimmer Set 

  • Three piece black , stainless steel, candle wick trimmer set. Includes:
    • Dipper 7.80" x 1.97"
    • Snuffer 9.76" x 1.34"
    • Wick Trimmer 6.93" x 2.17"

How To Use

  • Dipper
    • When you are ready to extinguish your wick, use the tip of the dipper, gently lay the tip of the wick down in the pool of wax on the candle and use the same tip to point it back, upright.
  • Snuffer
    • When you are ready to extinguish your wick, place the snuffer over your wick, gently press down, this stops oxygen from feeding the flame on your wick.
  • Wick Trimmer
    • Prior to lighting your candle, it is important to trim your wick 1/4 inch before lighting, this applies after every burn to remove any excess soot that may build on your wick. Re-lighting a soot heavy wick will cause a high flame and increase fire risk. 
    • Do not trim your wick while it still has a flame. Place two fingers in scissor slots, open slide scissor tip around the base of the wick, squeeze fingers together to clip. Remove any random particles of wick that my have fallen into your candle. 

We have plenty more tips for you, visit our Candle Care page here and become a PRO with your candle journey.

Customer Reviews

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Useful set

So glad Be You Candles came out with this set. It's so helpful with maintaining my Be You Candles!