3 Things To Know About Candle Frosting

What is Candle Frosting?

  • Frosting is the crystalline layer that forms around the surface of a natural wax, like soy. This is a natural effect of soy and vegetable waxes and it occurs because the candle is trying to return to its natural state. 

Does Frosting Affect My Candle?

  • Key thing to know is that, there's no reason for concern and it does not affect your candle burn, at all. This is an aesthetic flaw, only.

  • If your intent was to buy a natural soy candle, frosting is a strong indicator that you received an authentic soy wax candle.

  • Frosting will eventually occur in all soy candles. How quickly, however depends on how long the candle may have 
      • been on the shelf or; 
      • changes in temperature from one location to another 

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