Candle Frosting

Candle Frosting

What is Candle Frosting?

Frosting is the crystalline layer that forms around the surface of a natural wax, like soy. This is a natural effect of soy and vegetable waxes and it occurs because the candle is trying to return to its natural state. 

Does Frosting Affect My Candle?

Not at all, if your intent was to buy a soy candle, frosting of that candlle is a good indication that you have received an authentically made soy candle. Frosting will occur, eventually, in all soy candles however how quickly frosting begins is dependent on how long the candle may have been on a shelf or the changes in temperature from one location to another.

Should I Be Concerned?

Of course not! While the aethestic of it may not be your favorite, frosting does not affect the length of time a candle will burn nor the strength of the aroma. Go ahead! Light your candle and Enjoy! 

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