Meet Be You Candles

Introducing The Creative Force Behind Be You Candles & BYC Home Decor!

Shemeka WrightBe You Candles Shemeka Wright

With a heart full of hope and passion for resilience, Shemeka crafted each candle to be more than just wax and wicks; they became soothing companions for homes around the world.

For three incredible years, Be You Candles has woven a tale of transformation. What began as a journey where candlelight meets resilience has now blossomed into BYC Home Decor - a vibrant extension of Shemeka's creative spirit. The journey is an ode to the strength found in simplicity and the power of crafting spaces that resonate with your soul.

Inspired by her own living room, Shemeka has expanded her creative empire into BYC Home Decor. It's not just about candles, it's a holistic expression of personal style. In this space, Shemeka's Zen thrives and creativity blooms, inviting you to explore and discover the art of living beautifully with BYC Home Decor.

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